Not all Thunderbird filters imported

Hello !
I installed newest version of eM Client and choosed to import my whole thunderbird gmail account.

Problem is that only 2 of my all filtering rules (cca 20) were imported and are seen in eM client. My rules are all very simple - based on FROM address they move message to some target folder.

Im not aware of some difference between imported and not-imported filters, they seems the same to me. Maybe one thing is different - the imported filters have only one rule (filter can consist of more than one rule in thunderbird, they are evaluated with AND or OR logic together). But also some filters that have only one rule were not imported so maybe this is irrelevant.

This is critical blocker for me, I have many filters consisting of many rules, I dont want to enter them manually in emClient.

Thanks for help,


unfortunately eMClient only supports AND rules, so this is the reason why the OR rules were skipped

It’s very unfortunate, it renders em client unusable for me for now :frowning:

Im disappointed, i think this is not some rare condition, I think this is pretty common scenario for thunderbird filters as this is exactly the setup for filters like “personal”, “work” and similar filters that are moving email from many defined email addresses to particular folders. So in my eyes - what is the filter import for if it cannot import filters ?

Please is it possible to tell if there are any plans to implement this in the future ?

I would be happy to buy pro version of eM client because Thunderbird is getting old and is not evolving but there is always something which stops me from switching :frowning:


The OR rules are on our long-term todo list, but I can’t give you an estimated time when it is ready.

Just installed eM today, and so far I’m very impressed. The import from Thunderbird 24.4 went very smoothly!

This is the only issue I’ve run into so far. Over half of my rules have OR conditions. Now I will have to create more of those rules manually in eM. Considering that some of them had multiple OR conditions, this will take some time and I’ll end up with a LOT more rules.

I know you guys can’t commit to a date, but is this (pretty basic) functionality even on the horizon?

Hi, I’m sorry this is bothering you. We’ll consider making some changes to Rules, thank you for the suggestion.
I hope you can work with the current settings.

Thank you,

I appreciate the reply Paul, but unfortunately, this isn’t going to work for me.

I have just over 200 rules in Thunderbird, and about 120+ of them use OR conditions. I just don’t have the time to go through the tedious process to reenter them all manually.

While I understand that you don’t have a big development staff, and there are more high-priority issues for them to work on, IMHO, rules functionality is basic to any modern email client. Having spent over 30 years in development myself, I can say that adding the code to use “OR” and “Contains” logic in rules isn’t that difficult.

Best wishes to what otherwise is a really good email client!

Hi, I’m sorry you’re not satisfied with the current settings, we do support the “Contains” option for Rules, just not “OR”, however I’ll forward this issue to the developers if there’s something that can be done about it.

Thank you for pointing this out,

Sorry to keep nitpicking here, but you don’t in fact fully support “Contains”. Using the other thread I just replied to as an example, there is no way to setup a rule where the sender’s address contains “amazon”, so that it would match on either “” or “

In this case no, it varies from type of the rule. I’m sorry you’re not satisfied with the feature, we’re considering some changes for future releases.

I hope you can manage to use the current setting,

Still the blocker for me, I would gladly pay for emClient and leave near-death Thunderbird but without better OR rules support and complete Thunderbird rules transition I cant :frowning:

Hi, I’m sorry this is an issue for you, we’ll see what we can do about this, however if some changes will be made it will still take some time.

Thank you for understanding,

Oh! So that’s why so many of my Thunderbird Filters did NOT get imported? And it’s EIGHT YEARS later and this STILL has not been addressed?