Not all mail from Exchange account is displayed & automated sending.

Hey there,

I’m currently looking into eM Client for my company and if it can replace outlook.
We’re running an Exchange Server 2007 and have the following issue:

Some emails that have been sent by Outlook 2003 and have been moved away from the sent folder do not have a received tag. These emails do show up in outlook 2003 but not in eM client.

In the screenshot attached you see two emails on top, these show up in eM client as well, but the ones at the bottom, saying “Keine Angabe” (not applicable) in the “Erhalten” (received) collumn don’t show up in eM client.

Is there a solution to this?

Appart form that, I was wondering if someone knows if the feature of allowing third party programs to automatically sent emails through eM client is on the roadmap?
Currently thrid party applications open a new email window, but the user still has to push sent.

Kind regards,

Hi Tobi,
do you think you could send me one of these emails without the received date exported into .eml file?
You can simply drag and drop the message onto a new email and send it to [email protected]

Also no third party apps or add-ins are supported in eM Client. 

Thank you,