Not all images showing in email despite whitelisting

Hi everyone,

Since version 7 of eM Client, I’ve been facing remote images display issues in some emails, despite having the contact whitelisted.

In my case :

  • the images that show are from the sender’s domain, which is a subdomain actually : They are served with http protocol.
  • the images that don’t show are from the main sender’s domain : They are served with https protocol.
    I’ve just installed beta 8 to see and it’s still the same.

Can you post the full link that does not work?

A full link to an email ? I’m not sure how to do this.

Edit: I setup a mirror link for a sample email : HERE

The link for the image that is not working.

Right-click on the link and choose Copy Link Address.

Then paste it here.

FYI, it won’t work : if there’s a link around the image, doing so will copy the target link, not the link to the image. And if there’s no link, there is no option for this inside the context menu.

Anyway, here’s what you asked for :

Or this one :


The target link IS the link to the image. What else would it be?

“And if there’s no link”. Well if there is no link,  then there is nothing to display. What do you expect the application to do? Dream up some link to an image that doesn’t exist?

Perhaps you can copy the link from the message source.

To do that, right-click on the message body and choose View Mail Source. Then find the link that is not loading. That is the complete link which will start with  **and end with /a>.

Post that here.

An image has no “target link”, unless it’s embedded inside a hyperlink which leads to an URL. Otherwise it’s just an image with a “source link”.

With eM Client, if you right click an simple image, you can’t get the source link, but only save the image to disk. And if the image is embedded inside a hyperlink, all you get is the target of the link, nothing about the image.

I gave you the two problematic images that don’t show up in my email, even if I don’t see what you want to do with them. I won’t be bothering anyone with bad or non-existing images.

My problem comes from the whitelisting feature, which doesn’t seem to take into account all domains used inside the email source.

Here’s a screenshot below, despite the whitelisting.

Edit : I just saw your next reply. I’ll forward you the email.

I recently experienced a similar thing with messages coming from Google Maps Timeline. I sent my beta report to the development team, and in today’s beta release (8.0.2646) it has been fixed.

@Benoit can you download it from the Release History and see if it also solves your issue.

Hi Gary,

Thanks for giving me some hope…but this release is not better than the previous ones, regarding this issue.

Edit: actually, after emptying the whitelist and trying again on some recent problematic messages, it does work properly now ! Some older similar messages still don’t, but I think it may be due to the source link of the images not being properly encoded or having a space inside the URL.

Thanks :wink:

Edit: after exiting and relaunching eMClient, the good news disappeared and all images previously displayed are now hidden again. I think the issue is still here… :thinking: