Not all accounts are not showing up in the folder window.

Hi I have just d/l a trial of EM Client and so far I am impressed with it. However i am having an initial problem in setting it up. I have 3 different pop accounts that i set up but when i look a the left hand column, where all the folders display i only see one of my acconts. If note the other acconts work but all incoing mail comes into the one account. In Outlook there is a seperate folder for each account. How can I set it up to see all my accounts seperately?
Thank You

Open eM Client - Tools - Accounts and check if all of them are enabled.

Thanks for your reply.
Yes they are all enabled.
I have 3 pop accounts. Only one shows on the left pannel.
All the emails go into the one account that shows. If i change the default email the left sided folder panel does not show the changes.
Do you have any suggestions?

Sorry for the delayed reply - do you use POP protocol? When creating a POP account you can decide whether to create new folder tree or store your messages in Local folders.