Not able to update eM client

Hi Folks
eM client tells me every time I open it that there is a newer version available. I try to run the Update option and all is well until it tries to create the fillowing folder: ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu. Then it tells me there was a error and it reverses all changes made to that point. This leaves me with not being able

to update eM Client

jueves 27 abril 2023 :: 2047hrs (UTC +0100)

You have not said the version of eMC you have installed, however, no matter.
Download the latest Windows version here:


Before you run the update backup your installation at:
Menu ->Backup

Then EXIT eMC before you install by Double Clicking setup.msi that you downloaded


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Running windows 10 / 64 bit
eM client version: 9.2.1222 (ca910485)

I tried your suggestion same error. Might this be a windows error?

First of all, make a backup of eM Client and save it where you want (A zip file is created)
Once this backup is well saved, completely remove eM Client from your Windows computer, you can use, for example, the “Revo Uninstaller” or “Iobit Uninstaller” uninstaller.
Then restart Windows.
Then download the latest version of eM Client from @Skybat partner link or from this link: Release History | eM Client
Once installed (don’t worry it’s a new installation) go to “Menu”- “File” and click where it says “Restore…”
Tell the program where you saved the backup you made before uninstalling the program.
And in a few minutes you will have eM Client updated, with the settings you had configured, your email accounts, etc.
Uploading: Backup.png…
Uploading: Restore.png…

viernes 28 abril 2023 :: 0948hrs (UTC +0100)

OK, if you still have the same issue after following @Quesito instructions you can try this to check your Windows installation…

Open Command Prompt in Admin mode:
Copy & Paste and run:

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

then when the above has finished:
Copy & Paste and run:

sfc /scannow

They are both Microsoft utilities that can check/repair your system.
Missing or corrupt files will be replaced - could be the reason eMC won’t install.
You must be connected to the internet when carrying out these procedures.


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hi folks,
followed both of your suggestions, did the windows scans and completely removed eM client using Revo uninstaller but still get the same error when I attempt to reload eMC… Now I don’t have the eMC at all. :unamused: :unamused:

It appears that I have solved my problem while attempting to solve an issue with jpeg files not opening. There is an app in Windows 10 called “App Installer” which was not working correctly. It can be located by opening Start / Settings / Apps and features. On right side of window, scroll down to “App Installer” and click on it. Click on “Advanced options”. Then scroll down to “Repair” and click on it. There is also “Reset” option here as well. Clicking on repair solved my issue. Now eMC is loaded and working fine.