not able to drag and drop email to folder

I have always been able to select an email and drag and drop it from my Inbox to one of my folders, but this seems to have stopped working. I have shutdown and restarted (have not rebooted laptop yet). I am running eM Client v6.0.2 on Win 8

Hello Amy,
no change has been done to this functionality, so try restarting your computer and see if that helps.
Also, you didnt include the full number of the version, so I cannot tell if you are running the latest one.


I have the same problem with version 7 and I tried restarting my computer. It still will not move most emails when I drag and drop.  It does, however, sometimes copy into the other folder.  This is a problem, but if I delete the old location, it deletes both.

I’m having the same issue - but have identified the problem a bit more precisely, EMClient only COPIES emails instead of MOVES them when you drag email in certain scenarios, like from a search-result view, leading to the impression that nothing happened after drag since they still exist in the initial folder. However, the same drag action direct from a folder MOVES the email instead of COPY. My workaround is to drag the email than remove the label for that folder, an annoying hack for a common functionality. Every other email-client MOVES emails upon drag, never copies - please adjust EMClient or make this a configurable default behavior. Thank you

Yes, you are correct that the email does move.  Removing the label from say “Inbox” or whatever folder the message is supposed to leave also works (good idea), but that is a multi-step process.  emclient told me that they were going to fix this issue in version 7.  I have not seen a fix yet.  I hope it is addressed soon. It used to work fine in the older versions as far as I could tell.

Has this been addressed.

It is the difference between me adopting EM Client or not.