Not able to connect to Gmail.

Back in June we moved from MS Exchange to Google for business for email and calendar.  I’ve been searching for an alternative to Outlook.  I found EM Client, and looks like it might actually be something I could use.  However; I could NEVER get any emails passed June 20th.  I finally had the time to watch the logs as I re-installed and re-configured EM Client, it pulling emails and calendar information from Exchange, NOT from gmail.  In the settings for the account I can’t turn off the option to check Exchange.  As I have finally found the problem, can any one tell me how to fix this?  

I figured since ALL My other emails are funneling through google, EM Client would do the same, guess I was wrong.

Dumb question - did you set the accounts up as Google or Exchange? You can’t change the account type, you must re-create it.

I did the auto configure option, it must be setting the URL and type with the auto config.
I’ll do the manual config and see if that will get pointed to gmail account.

That was it.  Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.