Not able to configure exchange mail

Sorry for my poor english.
I’m trying to configure my Exchange mail acount on em client but have an error:
 [Exchange Web Services]  MailClient.Accounts.ConnectionException: Couldn’t get server version.
em client version 7.0.279443.0 on windows7 pro
Exchange server version 2007 SP1
Same config as in outlook which work’s perfectly
Thank’s for your help

Hi all,

no reply after 3 days. I’ve read some other posts withs the same problem and it seems there is no solution…
It doesn’t encourage to buy the pro version.

This is what Olivia said to me and I could make it:

“The Email address field and User Name field need to be the same.
If you see ‘Outlook Mail’ in the top left corner when you login to outlook webmail you should be able to setup your account with Exchange.”

And I did it as:

Email address field

User Name field

Good luck…

Thank you for your reply, but it’s not an outlook mail but an Exchange account.
Username and email adresse are the same on my config and even the same error message

Hello Frantzk,
sorry for the lack of reply (though I was sure I replied to this on friday, which is strange… must be an issue with the forum, though I am sorry either way)

Please go to Menu>Tools>Settings>Advanced
Enable Exchange Web Services logs for this account
Restart eM Client.
Next time the error pops up, go back to Advanced settings and Send logs
Change the recipient of this message to and add a link to this forum thread to the message, so I can get back to you here.

Please also add the Server address from the Exchange Web Services tab from Menu>Tools>Accounts window.


Hello Olivia,

logs send , i’m wainting for your solution

Logs send and no reply since my last post… It seems it’s easier to install thunderbird plugon to manage an exchange account …
Is there no solution to my issue ?