Not able to accept or decline a calendar appointment

Hello, I am using eM Client with Icewarp Server and it works very well. There might be some bugs that I haven’t found yet but overall it is a good email client. I am having a problem when receiving meeting requests sent to a mailing list and the recipient (To) header is not my email address but the one for the list. In this scenario I receive the message but I have no option to accept the meeting as I’m getting a warning that I am *NOT* the organizer or an attendee. However I can accept the meeting in my Smartphone (BB Z10). I tried the same in Outlook and I’m also able to accept the meeting. Is this a bug in eM Client? Is there a setting to change or a work around?

Please advise. Thanks for your help.



do you have newest update? Also this can be caused by having set different calendar from different account as main.

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I have tried with version 6 Beta and still doesn’t work. The issue is that when someone sends a calendar invite to a mailing list, I receive the message (I am a member) but can’t accept or decline it in eM Client as my email address is not in the Attendee’s list. However, if I open the same email in MS Outlook, I can accept it, which means Outlook doesn’t care if I am in the attendee’s list or not. Also in webmail (Icewarp), or Smartphone (I have tried with BB10 and Android) I am able to accept the request. Is there any work around in eM Client? Can it be added to version 6 during the beta test phase?

If you provide me with an email address I can add to the list, I can send you a request and you will be able to see the problem.

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send me invitation to, but send me stand alone with that information too so I will know what is going on (I have many test accounts and I receive quite a lot invitations every day)


Hi, I have sent you two invites. One of them you should be able to accept it on eM Client & Outlook. The other one, only in Outlook. Please let me know if you are able to see the problem now and if there is any fix.

Hi, I have received both those invitations. I will check this behaviour today or tomorrow but I see same issue you have described.


well I have consulted and retested this issue with my colleague and inviting distribution lists works for us…

can you please export your distribution list for me? right click - save as and send me it to my email with exact scenario how you create this invitation or user who sent it to you?


Hi, thanks for your reply. However, please note that distribution lists works fine and I’m aware of it. The problem is with mailing lists. Is it possible to make eM Client to treat any calendar invite as valid regardless of the the attendee’s list. In other words, behave the same way Outlook, Thunderbird do in these cases? Even if it is an option in the Calendar section in the settings, that would be great.

Please advise

Can I ask if you have created that invitation in eM Client? This starting to sound like it was not created in it…


I have the same problem in the lates version of emclient (6.0.21372)

at my company we typically invite a group of ppl with mailing lists such as
We’re all on gmail (google apps)

Outlook users doesnt have this problem and I whish I didnt have it either,

Please add this feature asap!

Hi Anders, users who are not on the attendee list can not accept the event, however if they receive a forwarded invite, they still should be able to save the event into their calendars by opening the attached .ics file and saving into the calendar.