Normal shutdown when turning off or restarting the computer

Now, when rebooting without exiting the program, the client takes a long time to check the databases.
It’s unclear why and takes a lot of time. It is advisable to eliminate this process

Definitely not advisable.

Because the application wasn’t closed correctly, the database was left in a condition where data has not yet been written back to the files, and may have errors as well. On start we need to recombine the files, and check for errors. If we don’t, you won’t be able to load the database at all. Instead you will need to delete it, and start with a blank database, adding your accounts and reconfiguring your preferences.

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viernes 23 febrero 2024 :: 1037hrs (UTC +0100)

What you say is not completely clear to me; anyway if you do not shut down / exit eMC separately before system reboot or shutdown eMC will, as a precaution run a database check and attempt, usually with success, to identify & repair any corruption on restart.
In any event it is not a good idea to rely upon the OS to correctly close any running Apps during the reboot & shutdown process.


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That’s right. But I forget to log out before rebooting. I think I’m not alone.
It is not clear to me why the client cannot exit correctly if the system tells it to reboot. All programs understand, but the client does not?

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