Nonjunk etiquette on new mails

I’m new with the EMClient and testing around before buying it.
I wonder why every new mail has the etiquette “Nonjunk”. This makes the overview of my mails confusing.
Is there a way to disable this? I already disabled the standard spam rule. But still the nonjunk ettiquette is set.

Ok, the problem was Thunderbird which I used aside of EMClient. TB set the falg.

I had the same problem - I think you are right that Thunderbird is adding these but for me it might be Fastmail (my email provider). I was able to remove them by creating a tag in eM Client “NonJunk” – all of the existing emails immediately belonged to this tag. I then selected all emails (it took a couple minutes) and from the tag menu, removed NonJunk while leaving the other tags untouched. I found I had a few tagged as “Spam” as well that were not spam, so I did the same thing for that tag