I tried to import emails exported from local folders, when i import them again it shows the sender nobody@invalid.invalid

If you double click on the exported email in Windows Explorer, what email address is showing?

If I double click on the exported email message, the message opens in eM Client and the email address is: nobody@invalid.invalid.

Can you forward me one of those emails as an attachment to

Please check your email.

The from address is malformed in the file, this is why eM Client can’t read it and replaced it with nobody@invalid.invalid.

The problem is that eM Client also has not been able to display the name. In both Thunderbird and Outlook the name was displayed. Hopefully someone from eM Client will read this and respond.

After importing from a .pst file (and before exporting to .eml files)  eM Сlient correctly shows  sender’s address. It turns out that eM Client not correctly export emails.

You are probably right in this instance, but that is not normally a problem. Let’s see if there is a response from eM Client.

I also get this from time to time. When holding mouse over address I see a name from contacts showing a fax number no longer in use. Can it be a failed fax?