Nobody@invalid.invalid still happening

Last I recall, this may have been related to saved draft messages and each time an autosave was performed, it would create this bogus email.

I say that since I notice that they are drafts that I create and they are partial emails and not completed nor the one I finally sent out.

I just changed my auto-save settings from 3 min to 10 min to see if that goes away or not

But the question is still…why do they even create in the 1st place?

Without knowing exactly what you are referring to as you gave no link to the previous discussion, I can explain a little of how eM Client displays the email address.

eM Client uses IMAP parsing to get the header information from the server. If there is no email address in the draft, or it is invalid, the standard will be to display nobody@invalid.invalid. Other email clients may work differently, and in one recent discussion with eM Client Support, they confirmed that Thunderbird, for example, does not use this system.

Whenever I create an email (lets say its gmail) and I dont get back to it right away, it appears that the auto save saves it with the invalid info. I will type a little more and then wait, let the autosave do its thing and then there is a 2nd draft with the same header of invalid. Eventually I will send the email but will be left with numerous drafts all with the invalid email address, even though I did address the email I was creating with a proper email address in the TO field.

I don’t know about Gmail, because I don’t use it for messaging, but this multiple draft issue has been discussed previously in this forum.

When you close the draft and reopen it at a later time, are the To: addresses replaced by nobody@invalid.invalid?

I have never really closed the draft. What will happen is that I will type, maybe switch to another account in EMC or maybe go to my web browser for a minute, come back and complete the email and send it off. Later I find the nobody@invalid sitting in my drafts, sometimes 1, sometimes more than 1