nobody@invalid.invalid emails after importing from WIndows Mail

I decide to use eM Client on a new laptop. I imported the old emails from Windows Mail  ( Vista ) using the backed up Windows Mail folder from the old computer and dragging and dropping the .eml files into the different folders.

This worked well but found around 15 emails with the following in the Inbox:

From: nobody@invalid.invalid


Sent: 01/01/0001 00:00:00


I am not concerned what they are. They may have even being on WIndows Mail - there were a lot of emails in the Inbox. The problem is I am unable to delete or move them. I would love just to get rid of them.

Any ideas on how to do that would be gratefully received.

I have gotten rid of the stubborn ones by right-clicking on the folder in question, selecting Properties, going to the Repair tab, and then selecting Repair.

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Hi Merg,

Many thanks for your quick reply.

Do you know if this works OK with POP accounts and could I lose any emails using this - apart from the ones I don’t want?

Should I back them up first?

Thanks again

I haven’t tried that with a POP account, so I can’t say for certain, however, the tab says that it will not delete any emails. It never hurts to back up things first though.

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Many thanks Merg.

I haven’t the laptop with me at the moment but will try that out when I have it.

Thanks Merg, that’s exactly right. Remember Mark, when dealing with POP3 accounts, always backup everything.