No valid license found


On Saturday night (20210619), I received a pop-up window telling me that the license is no longer valid. Thinking it was a glitch, I proceeded to scour my emails and found the license for the program. I copied and pasted it but nothing happened. The same error occured.

I went to the site and d/l’d a copy there. It was ‘emclient-v8.2.1473.msi’ and I proceeded to run the repair program. It didn’t help.

Since I keep a daily backup, I wasn’t too concerned and I uninstalled the entire program including the registry entries. At least that was what my uninstall program assured me it had done.

Ithen rebooted my systrem and installed a fresh copy of eMClient. I then loaded my latest backup and copied my license info. When I clicked “activate” nothing happened.

I’m enclosing a copy of the pop-up window I keep getting.

Thank youemclient
James Mayhew

Send me an email from the address to which your license is registered and I will see if there is an issue.

I just started having the same issue with license not found.
If I can bug in on this same email…I need help as well. However I don’t know what you mean by sending you the address to which your license is gegister3d. If you mean email, it’s
When that boxed popped up, I got a new license but it wants me to download em client again.
Can you assist?
Thank you

Todd, in eM Client please go to Menu > Help > License, and click on Activate.

Paste in your license key.

If you have lost the license key, you can have it resent from this page.