No threaded emails in 6.0 still?

I just installed version 6.0, I was really looking forward to this version since I had been told previously that threaded conversations would be supported in this new version but I see that they are not. Am I missing something or are they still not supported? That is seriously the only drawback that is keeping me from using eM Client exclusively, I simply have too many emails not to have threaded conversation though.

Correct, there are still no ‘threaded’ e-mails in version 6.

Personally, I also receive quite a lot of e-mails (I used to receive +/- 50 e-mails per day), and I’ve never missed this option of threaded e-mails. I move e-mails from my inbox to project folders once I’ve processed the e-mails.

That keeps my inbox relatively ‘clean’.

But I understand that many people will work in a different way.

Hi, unfortunately we had to postpone this feature, but it is still planned.


I’d ask if there was a planned or estimated release date for this feature, but it seems you guys have been continually telling us it will make it into the “next version”. Then when the next version is released, you just tell us it’s delayed again…

It would be nice to get a straight answer, as it seems this is one of the most requested features.

I’m also disappointed that this feature has been in the ‘planning’ stage for the past several years. I would like the ability to vote on new features that will be delivered in upcoming releases.

you can vote in idea topics, but that wont be useless for this because threaded view is still planned.


It will be implemented in future updates or version.


I was really happy to come back here and see Version 6 was available. I immediately downloaded it feeling very confident that threaded emails would be present (you’ve been saying the next version for 2 years now). Alas, it is still missing.

I’ve completely given up on emClient at this point - it’s a shame too, I would have instantly become a pro client.

I don’t see why a partial option has not been implemented yet.  I guess I see now that one can right-click on a column name to group by subject, but prefixes (“re:” et al.) limit its usefulness.

Why not just add a context menu to “search for similar subjects”; i.e., dump ‘subject:""’, where ‘string’ is the current message’s subject with all leading “re:”, “fw:”, and “fwd:” type prefixes recursively stripped, into the search bar, preferably either with keyboard focus at the end after a trailing space or with an immediate submit? This would require a tiny bit more coding, but would be 75% of the way (or better) to a ‘search for conversation’ feature, and should be much easier than full threading support.

Would there be a problem with this?

Edit: Note the double quotes in the proposed search. My current ‘workaround’ is to select a message, select its subject minus any prefixes, ctrl-c, ctrl-e, ctrl-a, ctrl-v, and hit enter. I noticed I have to add quotes if special characters occur, and add the subject: prefix if the string is particularly common. It would be nice to have a way of automating all of this.

Hi Phil, partial replacement for the conversation view feature has been implemented a long time ago. It’s called “Communication history”. To view communication history for any of your contacts, right click the contact on an incoming message and select “communication history”. Or you can view the communication history in your sidebar, just view the contact details and select one of the options below the details.

Hope this helps,

I’m afraid it doesn’t help.  At all.  :frowning:

My organization uses lists almost exclusively for correspondence, and the lists on a conversation will frequently change between steps in a workflow.  It’s subject, message/header ID, or nothing.

For now I’ll simply continue to do what I do manually (building conversation views one string/hotkey at a time), until I give up and go back to Outlook.

Hi again Phil, I’m sorry this is no use for your organization, as I previously mentioned, we’re currently working on a conversation view for an upcoming upgrade of eM Client.

Thank you for understanding,

Wow. I looked for the option to enable it for like 15 minutes. Uninstalling now.

This is a cutting-edge standard. I’m very sorry to hear that the implementation is delayed again. :frowning:

I would like to try the beta with this if possible.
My receivers complains that my messages don’t thread in their clients.
Seems that em generates a new mailid with each reply :frowning:

I would dearly love to convert to eMclient from the basically-unsupported Postbox. But Postbox has threaded view.

Twenty years ago, Eudora had option-click to bring a thread together. But Eudora has been officially unsupported for over a decade, and has major problems doing IMAP.

Even the web view of my email (on has conversations.

eMclient has a strong feature set and a lot of support. But this gap (more like an abyss) is a killer.

Can’t you give us a real promise? Either a date, or “the next release that includes any new feature”? “Someday” is not a promise.


Threading is done really well in The Bat! (  - however TB! still hasn’t got the hang of mobile sync with Google contacts or a calendar app. Seems no-one is doing email well anymore using desktop clients. Are Outlook (or Evolution on Linux) really the only full solutions?

I take that back - the latest TB! beta DOES have google contacts sync - so its on the way (no calender though)

Check out Mailbird as well. I have completely given up on emClient due to this. Threaded emails are the norm these days.

Please note, that we’re working on the feature for the next release (it’s mostly done already, so I can confirm it). Unfortunately with the current and previous releases we had to focus on other features such as Exchange support or Calendar/Contacts sync with most major providers. Even though this can be considered an essential feature today, it is not so essential in terms of implementation. We’ve worked on a new User Interface for the upcoming release that you can find preview of on our Facebook page.

We will share more details about the upcoming release soon on our Facebook, twitter or our blog.