no tasks in em Client 3.0

Not able to use tasks. When in tasks it says “This folder contains no items and no operation can be performed”. It was like this during the trial version and now in the free version. I am interested in purchasing, but if it doesn’t work it’s no good to me

Please download version 3.5 and try…

Do you have any tasks account configured?

I downloaded the new version 3.5 and everything works fine now

Thank you everyone

I am having the same problem but I have 3.5.12280.0. Any suggestions for me?

also when I add a task either through quick entry on the right or through the drop down menu on the top. it disappears, nowhere to be found.

There having being several problem being reported for build.12280. Please try:…

Also make sure you have active option “Show Local folders” on “General” tab at settings. Hiding these folders might cause similar issues.

This one worked for me. Thanks so much!!

And for me. I thought, I lost all my contacts lists. They came back after showing the local folders with the above advise. Good point.