No synchronization status in v8

Hi there,

in eM Client v7.x there was a synchronization status on the bottem in the lefthand pane.

It said things like “Offline”, of "last synchronization at " which is very handy to know if you have a laptop with a weak wireless connection.

Yesterday, I upgraded to v8, but there is no sync-status anymore.
In settings/preferences I don’t see an option to display it.

Anyone who knows where I can find it?

Thanks in advance!

Developers decided that we didn’t need it any longer. Personally I think it was a mistake removing it, but it is what it is :wink:

When you are offline, you will see a notification in the top left of your screen.


During a sync, you will see the rotating symbol in the Refresh button animated. Further details during a sync can be found in the Operations window, which you will find by clicking on the down arrow in the Refresh button.

Hi Gary,

i tried to disable Wifi, but nothing happens, not even after 10 minutes …

Yeah, I agree …
I will request to bring it back. We’ll seee what happens …


I found it somehow reassuring to see after pressing refresh: to confirm that something was actually happening. At least if someone sends a huge file, the arrows turn as it downloads, but it would be good if it did it on every refresh.