no smtp or outgoing email account in my emclient

when I try to reply or send new email.EM client says you don’t have account.however I am receiving emails but not able to send.

First look at your settings. Are you using a Gmail email address?
Secondly, never put 'download for offline use’on. System will just loop on updating and has no time to send or receive emails.

Hi Ben,No I am not using gmail account.i am using my work account.I can receive new email  but when I try to send email it says no account.i deleted my account and configure again but same issue.

My work account works fine with following settings:
IMAP: port 143. Fill in identity (login to work server)
SMTP: port 25. Mark ‘server requires authentication’ and use identity.
Both force SSL/TSL use.

i try to setup new account but its not accepting my says server has been found but your credentials are rejected.retry with new .however i am able to login into webmail with same credentials.

Looks like your works server has blocked it somehow. Is it going via a proxy server, or is there a double identification required? Ask your works IT manager…