no service

As of wednesday, my e mail service has not been working. was i cut off. i have had notices that only 2 sites would be working. i only use, but my late husband may have set up other user names Please reset my service

I can not help you other than to clarify a couple things for you. eMClient is an email “client”, meaning it’s just a program running on your PC. They can not “cut you off”. That does not mean eMC (shorthand for eMCLIENT) can’t stop you from reading/sending email as this happens to me often. I’m finding  version 6 very balky of late and may bail on it if I can find another email solution that is fully syncable with all things iCloud as I need a calendar and contacts list at my fingertips the way eMC does it.

I have ATT for my internet and email provider and they provide Yahoo webmail packaged with their service, and therefor phone support for same. No matter what kind of grief eMC is giving me, I can always 100% of the time revert to  Yahoo (or Gmail too) to read/send email and am doing that now in fact. But…you have to know how to configure it and set it up, a big pain for the non computer inclined among us.

My suggestion is to go to and configure that to link to your comcast account, and use this until the eMC problem is resolved.  Perhaps you can call comcast and they can walk  you through it, and of course you can always use google to find the answer too. It’s all over the web. For example:

But, these instructions are a bit cryptic at best and may require some computer geek expertise to interpret.

Good luck

PS: when you do report a problem here, it’s  helpful if you also provide the eMC version level and any other background info such as “it worked fine till xx days ago”, or “I just upgraded to v7” etc. Same as when you take your car to the shop, you give them as much background info as possible to help them diagnose the problem.