No POP3 support?

Hi I just downloaded your trial version and I’m very impressed. I would like to buy the PRO version but I’m having a problem with receiving mail on one of my accounts - my secureserver account (GoDaddy). The problem I have is it is NOT and IMAP account and the only way I’m told I can fix that is to upgrade to a more expensive plan (about a hundred bucks!!!) Is there a way of configuring that account on your product to work solely with a POP account?

It does support POP3. Go to menu/tools/accounts ans click on the “+” sign to add a new account. Instead of automatic setup, click on Mail, choose other. Enter the information as requested.

Hi Jay, I tried what you said, but when I come to “incoming server”, it is for IMAP only. I entered my pop server anyway but it doesn’t work.

Hi Alan-- It should be there. See my screen grabs.

How do  I get to that New Account screen?

menu/tools/accounts then…

Just a note-- you cannot change an account type (e.g., IMAP to POP3). You must create a new account.

Still rejects my user name and password. Is there a way to manually enter the port numbers for the servers?

Hi Alan-- after you set the account up (click on ignore test results as below. Then you can go back into menu/tools/accounts and edit the account and change ports, etc.

Thanks, I will try it.