No paragraph formatting whatsoever when composing new email

When composing a new email, I hope I am wrong, but there is No paragraph formatting whatsoever when you compose a new email. You are locked into changing the font and so many other things, but you are completely denied any option to change paragraph settings even when you can clearly see that the line spacing is very bad on the email body. I am literally forced to go OUTSIDE of eM Client to Microsoft Word and compose/write my email there “just for the sake of having the paragraph format dialog/capability”, then come BACK to eM Client to paste the rich text format from Microsoft Word, yet there are dozens of so many other rich text formatting features readily available in eM Client :frowning: :frowning: How did you guys miss this ??

Is it just line spacing that is missing?

Yes, the line spacing feature, which is a very old feature of rich text editors, is just nowhere to be seen in the rich text edit box (main message body area) of the Compose New email window.

It might be because eM Client does not use rich text for messages. Instead it uses HTML.

Yeah there was a moment when I thought so. It is weird though to see it fully-recognizing rich-text formatted paragraphs when I bring/copy such RT-formatted paragraphs from Microsoft Word and paste them into eM Client. It is ironic that I have to use Microsoft Word to make eM Client recognize something that it (eM Client) is in fact capable of displaying/handling {only if such format is imported/copied from ANOTHER rich text editor}, LOL.