No notifications or Reminders for Meetings

Hello team.

I have the following problem, I am missing my meetings because I am not getting a notification/reminder of my calendar meetings/events.

My setup is:
Calendar source: Gmail
eM Client: 9.2.1222
OS: Windows 11

I have already tested with system notifications and without:

Also I have enabled Reminders for all folders.

At this point the only way that I can manage to have a reminder is if I Manually add it to my meetings.

You will see the first meeting with a 5 min before reminder that I added manually and the last meeting without a reminder because I haven’t added.

Question is what am I doing wrong, meeting reminders are very important for me, and should be enabled by default.

Thanks for the help.

Adding screenshots of my Settings as I was limited to only 1 screenshot:

These are my notifications settings:

One thing that I noticed here is that there are no settings for calendar meetings or events, and I could not find and option to manually add it

And this are my reminders

That is strange your Google Calendar event reminders are not automatically appearing.

I also use a Gmail Calendar and Event Reminders "do automatically popup for me " (within eM Client) with the same V9.2.1222. You don’t normally need to do anything else.

The only difference i have from your settings, is that “I don’t setup Reminders in Menu / Settings”. Reminders just automatically appear in eM Client at the set Calendar / Reminder interval.

(Example of one of my Gmail calendar non-recurring events today with a 3Hour Reminder)

(Reminders settings) - No boxes checked.


If you do want Windows to show the Calendar Notification / Reminders instead of within eM Client directly, then enable the option to use “System Notifications” via “Menu / Notifications” at the bottom. Maybe try that and see if you even get those reminders appear in the bottom right corner of Windows.

Now if the Windows System Notifications / Reminders “also don’t appear” in the bottom right corner, then could be something to do with your eg: Windows Date and Time settings, where the event reminders maybe are not popping up if your date & clock time “in the OS” are not correct.

Also check your “Timezone” in your OS as that also needs to be correct to work properly.

Hi cyberzork

First of all thank you for taking the time to respond.

Actually the default setting on eM was to use the system notifications but I missed so many calls from work that I was afraid I was going to get fired… lol…

So I looked around on internet and found this:

that is why I enabled the em notifications system, instead of windows, but still I have problems, on my other machine I use Linux with Thunderbird and I have no issues there, for some reason it is only eM and windows, which if frustrating.

Do you know if there is anyway to create the notifications for events here:

Or something… I actually don’t know what else to do.


Sorry I cannot be of any further assistance, only that if you have purchased eM Client and still inside your support time, go to the following eM Client Pro support page and login and lodge a support ticket.

If you don’t have a paid pro version or outside of your support period, then hopefully someone else can help you on this free forum.

No worries and thank you very much for the help.

On a side note do you know if eM client supports badge numbers for unread emails on the task bar Icon like these other apps:


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On a side note do you know if eM client supports badge numbers for unread emails on the task bar Icon like these other apps:

Im not aware of badge number support in eM Client for Windows (Only on the Mac with V9.x).

For Windows you normally only see the small mail notification icon on the eM Client icon when new mail arrives in your inbox and “eM Client is minimized”.

Ps That would be cool to have though as well in Windows if can be done :sunglasses::+1:


There is a Feature Request for that in this thread.

So I think I found what my problem is with event notifications:

My whole org uses Gmail as Calendar and Email provider, when I receive an invite I get 2 options to accept the invite,

One is from eM Client a Big Red/Green button


and the other is the default one from google I will add the screenshoot on another post as I can only add one image.

So If I respond with the eMclient buttons I get no notifications assigned to the meeting, but if I respond with the google button it adds my default which is 5 minutes before the event to the meeting. The problem is that it always opens up the google calendar page.

So I guess something is broken in eM.

These are the google buttons that I get on the invites: