No Notification (Inbox Folder and Sub-Directories) for Zimbra Account


I recently found out about eM Client and tried it out. So far I really like it, but I don’t get any notifications.

I’m using it together with my Zimbra Server over IMAP.
I’m filtering the E-Mails directly on the server.

When I’m receiving an E-Mail that is put into a sub directory by Zimbra it’s not shown under unread and I don’t get any notification.

An E-Mail that comes into the top inbox folder shows a notification and is listed under unread.

Marc Vollmer

Hi Marc, unfortunately this is not an issue but an intended behavior, since eM Client only synchronizes your Inbox folder and all your other folders are synchronized upon click, however your other folders should indicate if there’s new mail available, by showing three dots next to the folder name, after synchronizing the folder a number of unread items should be shown.

Hope this helps,


thanks for your answer.

Yes I’ve seen these three dots, but it’s a bit unpracticable in my opinion.
In Zimbra, only the mails that arive in the Zimbra managed account are put in the inbox and for all other POP3 Accounts there is a sub directory (and since I have filters for nearly all e-mails they are automatically sorted in the correct directory on receiving).

In Thunderbird, which I used before, was an option to synchonize all directories (could be enabled when needed). (This also had some problems that I didn’t get any notifications for E-Mails receiving in some directories but it showed at least the “E-Mail received” icon in the systray, propably this would also be an option, since you already detect new e-mails in sub directories to thow the three dots. Just show the e-mail received icon in the systray on this event).


Thank you for the suggestion Marc, we’ll consider improving this for future releases.


This has been a frequent request for YEARS. I’ve personally requested it as well. Here is a link where I was told that this feature was on the todo list. I hope they get it in.…

I also hope so. This has been a reason why I stopped using eM Client, otherwise it would’ve been the perfect solution for me.

same here