No new windows open when second screen removed from laptop

So here’s the problem. running free eM Client 8.1.1054.

I have 4k monitor attached to an HP dock in my office. When laptop (HP G5) is docked the software works great. When the pc is off the dock and I open eM Client, all works fine to read emails etc. Opening an email to read works, however when I try to reply to an email or attempt to open a new email the box appears to hang up while launching. At the botton icon tray you can hover over eM Client icon and see the new open has started to open but the is just a gray empty window with a (no subject) new email header. I assumed it was off the screen, but doing everything I can imagine to bring it to the laptop screen fails. Resetting screen output - no… Tile windows - no. Toggle Alt-Tab to select the new window does not bring the active window to the front.

If I redock the laptop, the window finishes opening and becomes active.

Any suggestions? For a mobile device, this is a big problem.