No new emails after V9 update

Since I updated to version 9 two days ago, I am not getting any new emails. I’ve had em client since 2018. I can get them on my server (yahoo) but want to be able to have them on the em client. I can send emails, but nothing new is coming in. I did try the backup to do the restore, but the restore option now isn’t available. I’m not sure if it’s still backing up after 48 hours, or if it’s broken. I don’t want to uninstall and reinstall if possible, sine I have hundreds of emails saved to local folders and don’t want to lose them.

Also - I’m using a desktop, running windows 10.

Also - no errors or triangles, the refresh arrows just spin indefinitely

I am having the same problem. Yahoo server, I uninstalled the program, and reinstalled a new download.
EM wont download from Yahoo. Spinney thing just keeps spinning

Hi Paul, and it’s still doing it even after you uninstalled and reinstalled? That means I probably won’t try that and lose my saved local folders. Hopefully they figure it out soon, I don’t really want to switch to something else.

yes I completely uninstalled, and re-installed.
version 9.1.2109
Yahoo mail still works

OK - I created an exchange account, moved all my local folders over to it, then deleted my imap. Nothing, still no emails for over 24 hours. So I created another Imap account, switched my local folders back to that one and had it run auto set up. It downloaded 2 very old emails, then nothing. As of today, still nothing. Have you had any luck?

Try reviewing this thread for the yahoo issue. E-mails Won’t Sync - Mail - eM Client

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thank you so much! It worked!