No message content showing, just subject header. And little loading dots are going across the top of the message area on all accounts

No message content showing, just subject header. And little loading dots are going across the top of the message area. This is happening on all of my accounts.  I have been using eM client as a much better alternative to Outlook.  It has been working great until today.  My coworker came in and complained that his email was not showing any message content.  Mine was still working fine.  I noticed that there was a pending restart for some windows updates on my machine.  I restarted the machine so the windows updates ran, and now my inboxes are doing the same thing his are. 

It has been sitting here for hours and will not load any content.  New messages are coming in, but even if I double click to open the message, no content.  Just subject header.  Is anyone else having this issue?  I assume it is in direct response to the latest windows update since it was working totally fine before I ran the update. 

I have already tried to delete and add both accounts again.  That didn’t do anything.  It still seems to be loading.  I tried to right click on the root of each account and go to properties > repair.  That did not work.  My co-worker that was having the same problem tried to go into IMAP settings and click download for offline work.  That has not fixed the problem.  

Any Ideas for how I can fix this?  I love using eM client and I would love to keep using it, but I kinda have to be able to read my emails…

Hi Kevin,

It seems that eM Client is unable to download the body of all your emails through the IMAP protocol. Please try disabling your antivirus SW to see if it’s not blocking the access to mail server. Also, let me know what email account has this kind of problems.


It seems to be working now.  I don’t know why it wasn’t working.  But it messed a lot of us up in our office for a day.  But we are good now.  I think it was related to the latest windows update, because that is when it stopped working for all of us.  Today I came in and logged out of windows on all those devices and when I logged back in it downloaded the body of the messages just fine.  Thanks for the response!

I had exactly the same problem (including the moving dots) a month ago.
Lasted for about a week then disappeared.
Has just returned for just  few messages (on 1 gmail account and 1 hotmail)
Other accounts are unaffected at the moment, including another gmail account, (settings identical)
Even messages which have previously been downloaded exhibit this
Trying to reply causes EM Client to hang

Likewise, mine has now recovered and showing all mail.
So I guess it’s some kind of transitory/capacity thing