No longer able to use rule to copy sent email to inbox

I have a Rule to copy any email I send to my inbox. This allows me to file all emails from my inbox without having to look in multiple places for email. This rule has worked for quite a few years. Since the last update this rule no longer works. I have tried to re-write the rule but with the same result. Now when I send an email it is shown in the inbox for a very short time, then the email disappears from the inbox (a copy is still in the sent folder). I can use the same rule to copy my sent email to any other folder and it works fine (the email stays in the selected folder). But when I copy to the inbox, the email disappears after a few seconds. Can anybody tell me what has changed? I am using emClient 8.1.1054 (582ba95) on a Widows 10 64 bit operating system.

Your Rule should look like this:


Thank you for the reply Gary,
I should have put a picture in of what my rule looks like, but I forgot
I tried to upload a picture, but it looks like it does not work. ( the forum tells me I am only allowed one link) But My rule looks like your picture, except I use “copy” instead of “move”. Please keep in mind that if I use the same rule, but change the destination folder from “inbox” to another folder, it works fine. I can also manually copy an email from the “sent” folder to the inbox and the email will then stay in the inbox. So that works fine as well. Just the rule to automatically copy looks like it works, but then the email is removed from the inbox again within seconds.
I have taken note of the logfile that is created. and I tried to attach it as well, but this forum did not like that either. If I can send the logfile in another way, please let me know.
I do appreciate any help I get.

It is possible that could happen with Gmail or Gsuite accounts because of the way the folders work, and some bug in eM Client.

Who is your email provider?

My email provider is and I use an IMAP account.
As I indicated, this used to work. I checked on my wifes computer who uses emClient 7.2. her rules still work. I did notice that my emClient does not have an outbox… It almost looks like the outgoing email is visible in my inbox while it should be in the outbox, but then once it is sent it is removed from the inbox.
I also went into my local folders. and in there is an inbox and outbox, but they are empty. When I sent an email from the local inbox, it showed in the local outbox for a second before sending. BUT then the rule worked, but on the main inbox, not the local inbox, so my local inbox (and sent folder) stays empty. but the email I sent from the local folder is not in tge main sent folder and a copy in the main inbox (as it always did). This worked 2 times, then I dent from my main inbox and it worked as well. Then I closed emClient and re-opened it and not the rule does not work in local or main inbox folders anymore???

Sorry bad spelling, The last section should read “BUT then the rule worked, but on the main inbox, not the local inbox, so my local inbox (and sent folder) stays empty. but the email I sent from the local folder is noW in tHe main sent folder and a copy in the main inbox (as it always did).”

Yes, that is the way email clients work. When you click on Send, the message is moved to the Local Folder Outbox while it awaits being uploaded to the server. Once it has been sent, it is then moved to the Sent folder.

But I am wondering why you are duplicating the sent message. It already exists in the Sent folder, so why do you also copy it to the Inbox? The Inbox is not meant for sent messages. That is what the Sent folder is for.

Hi Gary, For work we use MS Outlook (different computer), which has a feature to copy sent items to the inbox. This way everything I do ends up in the inbox and I move my email from the inbox (sent and received) to individual project folders as I would work on multiple projects at a time (Contractually we have to keep all correspondence for 7 years) When my inbox is empty, I know I have dealth with all correspondence. The sent folder has many more email, all projects mixed together and I don’t want to search through that for a particular email, project email is all filed under projects. I work the same way at home. All my email is moved out of my inbox to a series of subject folders (family, Council, friends etc…) So when my inbox is empty I am done. So I don’t need much email provider space, and I can easily see I have answered all my email. I don’t use the “sent” folder unless I have lost something…