No "license" option under "help menu"

I have purchased the pro license for multiple devices. When I open em client, click on menu, click on help, there isn’t an option for “license.” The only options to click on are “Contents, Buy PRO Version Subscription, Get Support, and About.”
How can I activate the PRO license?

Where did you download eM Client from ?

Honestly, I don’t remember. I’ve been using the free version for almost 2 years. I would have either downloaded it from the main site or the microsoft store.

Ok i would then either email [email protected] and advise the problem.

Or Alt login to the eM Client Pro support page and lodge a support ticket.

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For the MS Store option, you need to purchase a monthly subscription through the store. That version does not use the Pro License key issued by us.

If you purchased a license from us, uninstall the MS Store version, then download and install eM Client from here:

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