No License After Update

When will this issue be resolved?  With the 6.0+ upgrade, now the license key is not accepted and the application is no longer operating.  If it cannot be fixed today, can you refund the price I paid and I will look elsewhere for a good application.  An update would have been very nice as well. 

Unfortunately, the update does not preserve your licensing information. You will have to de-activate your license before dowing the update.
It ist possible now to manage your licenses online. Just have a look here(the reply).
De-activate your license there, then open em Client and re-enter your licensing information. That should work.

Hello Jim, not quite sure what update you’re referring to, what version of eM client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About?

If you’re having any activation issues, can you please try to re-activate using your license key in Help > License and check if the issue persists, if you continue to be unsigned, can you please navigate to the About page again and use Ctrl+U to display your update URL and Ctrl+H to display your HWGUID and submit this information to my work mail with a reference link to this forum topic and your license details?

Thank you,

I have to install silverlight to do that? No. That’s not going to happen.  I was using the free version. Now it’s saying I can’t use it without a license. 

If you’re a Free license user, I’m not really sure why you’d have to install silverlight, try to re-activate the application using your license key and if the issue reoccurs, please follow my instructions and send me your Update URL and HWGUID.


I don’t know my license key. I don’t remember having one (since it was free).

Hello, if you downloaded the application just a while ago, it’s possible you were running in the demo mode, unfortunately eM Client requires valid license, make sure to activate the product in order to access the standard application features.


The activation link within the product just asks me to enter a license key. Which I don’t have.  

Never mind. I found a way to generate a license key without your help.

Oh. Now it’s been stuck with a “Going Online” screen for 15 minutes. I can’t get that to go away to actually see the emails that there (I can see them in a window behind that smaller pop-up). Looks like my search for an email client continues.

It is the auto update that your company published and that all the complaints on this board about  “no license after update” are all about!  Even the present 6.0.23181.0
version has the same result.   Paul, sorry but let’s get all Support engaged on this issue

Hello Jim, we’re working on resolving the issue, unfortunately issues like this can’t be resolved on spot, development takes time and finding the issue may as well be a very time consuming process for our developers, please be patient.

Unfortunately this is an issue we were unable to detect before public release of the update and neither was reported after first users have installed the update, we however believe we have found the issue and we’re working on an update to resolve this…

Unfortunately the current latest update may require you to re-activate your license with eM Client, please copy the activation key and re-activate under Help > License.