No Keyboard Shortcuts In Search Bar

Keyboard shortcuts should not work in the search bar. If you set a lot of keyboard shortcuts, then try to type something in your search bar, it performs the keyboard shortcut instead of typing what you’re looking for.

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I completely agree that this should be a UI fix.

Example of issue:

I use the following shortcuts when reading mail:

  • a - archive
  • d - delete

When I search for “Debbie” it triggers email deletion. It DOES prompt me to see if I want to do this deletion which has saved my bacon many times. Searching for “debbie” (lcase “d”) is a good workaround and the search still succeeds.

As a recent purchaser of this product, my big wish list item is probably better support for keyboard shortcuts (e.g. I woudl like it if this UI issue was resolved and if I could set a “quick snooze” action to “s”, etc.). Excellent product, though!!! I am using it as a replacement for Outlook since the search is so very good in comparison.