No Junk mail

Hi, I love your em client, but I do have one problem with it, I use Gmail but for some reason it doesn’t pick up my junk mail folder?? I ave to sign in to normal Gmail to view my junk mail. Is there anything that I can do so that I can view EVERYTHING in your em client??
Thanks in advance

If you are using POP3, you will not get any of the folders from GMail.

If you are using IMAP, you should see all the folders. Some folders may not be configured to display in the client. You can change that in your GMail settings in the web interface.

Make sure Show in IMAP is selected. It will then be displayed as the Junk E-mail folder in eM Client.

Excellent, Thank you so much Gary, I’ve racking my poor wee brain trying to work that one out.
Much appreciated 

Trying to block the Known Spam folder on my server from downloading. Just installed ver7.2.36908 on Windows 7. Using Earthlink server

I am not an Earthlink user. What options do you have in your account setting on the server?