No invitations sent when using caldav calendar ?!

I am currently testing with the Win10 trial version 9.1.2109 (9967b93), wether eM CLient could be my new cross platform mail+calendar client for my small company.

My standard calendar is on our company caldav server and is working great & reliable.
I got it working with eM very easily. Unfortunately, I cannot find a method to send out invitations to attendees, whenever I create a meeting in the caldav calendar, using eM calendar app. The meeting is created in the caldav calendar and the attendees are listed properly but no invitations are sent.

It does send invitations, when I create the meeting in the eM local calendar. It also does send invitations, when I create the meeting in the google calendar, which I also added to the accounts for testing.

It does send out (change) invitations, when I go into the meeting a second time, switch the calendar to my caldav and change i.e. the time.

Tried all settings I could find. Am I too blind or is it a bug?

Regards, Mike

Generally with CalDAV it is the server where the event is saved that sends the invitations, not eM Client.

Similarly, the Google server sends invites for any events you save in a Google calendar, not eM Client.

Events in Local Folders are not saved to a server, so eM Client sends those.

Thanks Gary for the quick response.

I do not think this is a strict rule. Our caldav server offers the choice to send invitations or not.
Other clients offer choices to send invitations or not. Currently the server is set up not to send invitations and the clients do it. This gives the users much more freedom to decide. eM could simply provide a per account setting wether or not to send invitations, instead of taking away the choice from the users. Not sure we want to give up this option.

I just repeated a test with the google calender, because I was pretty sure eM showed me the dialog to decide to sent an invitation or not. It does show me the dialog. But if I say yes, it ultimately does not send it. As you stated, the google serve sends it. That’s a bit misleading and strange to me. When using caldav, it does not even show me the option dialog.

As I said, my favourite choice would be, to have a checkbox in the account settings.
“Consider this account for sending invitations”

Will keep digging into eM a bit more and see, hw well the other stuff fit us.