No information when sending email

Before V8, when i sent an email or do a “Refresh”, a message appeared in the bottom left of eMclient. Today with V8, No message displayed when i send an email or receive an email.
There is the box “Display the operations” but this is not practical.

Have you the same issue and solved it ?
Thank you

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During the Beta I complained several times…bottom line, no interest in changing the behavior.

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if no change, no problem, i will choose another Mail application.

I totally agree with you that this is a serious omission. Earlier today I sent this email to the ‘send feedback’ address found under the help menu:

When manually refreshing/checking for email there used to be an indication at the bottom of the folder window that this was happening with something like ‘Last checked at ….’. This useful feature now seems to be missing and there is no indication that anything is happening at all when the ‘refresh’ button is clicked. How can I get this back?

Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this question but I cannot find an email address for Pro Support.

Hopefully I will receive a reply soon and will then update the information here.

Incidentally, clicking ‘License’ in the help menu does nothing - though this is relatively unimportant.

PRO support tickets:

I have now received a reply back to my Pro support ticket.

It just states:

“Unfortunately this is feature is not present in V8.”

So that is that, then.

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