No incoming mail

I have had no incoming mail since Thursday 1st April. My pop3 is not able to fix and red triangle shows sever may be down.
I have deleted and restored e MClient but still not working. It is not working on my laptop’s either.

Can you please help as I need this for home working.

Thank you.

Are you using eM Client on both computers?

If it is not working since 1 April on both, that might indicate some issue with the server. Did you contact the provider?

[Ooops, did not see @Gary response] Have you checked with your email host (via login and/or support)?

Problem with server. Do you mean mi internet service provider?

No, your email provider.

Can’t find a way of contacting them

No way of contacting them. Can’t find any contact details.

Who are they? Gmail, Yahoo, your ISP, Hotmail,etc. What is the domain portion of your email address?

It’s an old tiscali email. Had it for years. No problems up to now.

It’s an old tiscali email. Had it for years. No problems up to now.

Googling around it appears TalkTech bought tiscali some years ago. These appear to be the IMAP settings below for mail clients to access a @tiscali account. They have a community forum as well online check settings etc.


However If it was Tiscali (Italy) original account, these are apparently the IMAP / POP / SMTP settings.

Email Settings

Tiscali Mail IMAP Incoming mail server:
993, requires SSL
143, non-secure
Username & Password

Tiscali Mail POP3 Incoming mail server:
995, requires SSL
110, non-secure
Username & Password

Tiscali Mail SMTP Outgoing mail server:
465, requires SSL
587, non-secure
Username & Password

Assuming is your email address domain name, it appears that yahoo is involved in some way and returns this: