No IM Online Status button on the lower right corner of eM Client

I have installed eM client 5.0.18025.0 and have Instant messaging setup with an active Google Talk account but I have no online status button at the bottom of the screen to access chat. Can anyone help? thanks in advance.

could you please post here a screenshot? Thank you.

I have the same problem here. Version 5.0.18661.0.

Here is a screenshot:


I think that I have asked you for screenshot in other topic - please always use only one topic when asking about anything, posting same issue into multiple thread makes forum unclear.

Anyway right click on “Agenda” or “Contact Details” and check “Chat” then you will see in in low right corner under mention selection.

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Thanks, I didn’t notice there was a hidden menu there.

you’re welcome :slight_smile:

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