No emails in 'Sent' folder

I am using emClient v.7 with accounts for ‘’ and ‘btinternet’ which I migrated from Windows Live Mail.

When I send mail from the btinternet account the email does not show in the ‘sent’ folder whereas emails sent from the outlook account do show.

My PC has Windows 10 64bit OS

Please can you help me solve this problem ?



Menu-tools-settings-mail-send-save copy of sent messages in “sent” folder

Be careful, though. This is a global setting and may cause duplication of sent items. They really need this to be an account setting.

Lu Ann - this is already done. Still no effect.

Jay - Don’t understand how I would do this:-

         "They really need this to be an account setting"

Thank you both for your replies.



Sorry, “They” would be emclient. Rather than have this option a global one that affects all accounts, it should be on a per account basis.

Jay - it isn’t “They” which is confusing me.  How do I go about setting “save copy of sent messages in Sent folder” just for the bt mail account?

I have already done it in the ‘menu>settings’ and it has worked for the account but not for the bt mail account which is the one I am trying to do it for as well.



That’s the point.  Since this is a global setting you can’t effect only one account.  However, as I look at your message, the fact that you have the option checked and there is no sent items for the bt mail and only one for Outlook is a bit odd.  Usually, I see the problem where sent items are duplicated and the other account is fine.  So I guess I am stumped.

Just an update to say that I have fixed the problem.

My original bt account was POP3/SMTP so I removed that one and added a new one with IMAP/SMTP with the necessary folder names ticked during the setup process.

All appears now to be working OK - hope it continues




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glad to hear the issue here has been resolved with the IMAP setting.