No emails in folders

Mail 365 account downloads folder structure (which is quite large) but no emails are in any folders. It does not appear eM Client is even trying or knows there is emails in them. I attempted to enable logging and it has frozen thus far.

Hi, if your application is freezed can you please download and run this tool while it is? (

It should generate an output file, can you send me that file to my email address ( with a reference to this forum topic?

Thank you,

I have run the file and also forwarded the log file to yourself.
It seems to even crash when I try to delete the account, just gets stuck on deleting forever.
‘This operation may take a while to complete’ - it never seems to end.

I deleted my account (deleted app data) and recreated as an outlook account instead of exchange.
It has downloaded and I can see emails in many folders.
I now have another issue but have raised in a new topic.…