No Email download for 2 days .Mail is on web server .wont come it

Hi eM client has stopped downloading emails off the web mail server for 2 days now . I can log on to the web server and there is new email there but wont come in on eMclient . I can send a test email to myself from eMclient so send is working but it still only shows up in web server and not downloaded to eMclient.

is there a fix for this . I have run the pop and smtp diagnostic from eMclient and thats comes back with green ticks as if all fine . and when I check the log this is the only error?

7:18:51 PM System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteException (0x80004005): SQL logic error or missing database

Sounds like your eM Client database is the issue. If you have done eM Client manual or automatic backups via “Menu / Backup” i would do a restore via “Menu / File / Restore” which should fix it.

If you haven’t done backups within EMC, and have a IMAP Mail account, then just remove the account and re-add the account as new and then close and reopen EMC and see if you start getting email.

Note:- Before removing any account, click “Menu / Backup” just incase you need to restore again.

thank trying that now . but it looks like its going to take a while to back up. will report back

all good with your advice I just performed a backup then did a restore and all working fine now thank you I owe you a beer

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