No date on search results

On some of my search results, the “Received” column is empty.

If I navigate to the folder that email is in, the “Received” field is populated.

Why is that field not getting populated in the search results?

A note to any future eM Clients, if you do not pay for support, they will NOT fix their software.

There is NO avenue to report issues with their software unless you pay for it. So it is a case of buyer beware. I understand needing a license for customization but if the software is plainly not working or doing what it is supposed to do, there should be a way to report it…but no, there is not. That is what I have been told by Gary Curtin.

The software itself is decent but the customer service is zero. I would not recommend investing time or money by purchasing this software.

I would disagree that i have personally had support from eM Client staff many times. Also eM Client staff do sometimes reply on the user community forum to many threads and sometimes give direct contact details for lots of issues that have since been fixed.

eM Client staff also do look at this forum and do fix issues from user feedback. You only have to look at the ver history to see all the fixes over the years.

If you have a paid eM Client Pro version you can contact support directly via this page. Support | Remote Assistance | License Manager | eM Client

Check that you have the following fields ticked below the Search field as per below screenshot.

Click the dropdown arrow at the end of the search line to select where you are searching.


If you don’t want to pay for VIP Support, there is always this forum.

You are welcome to report any bugs here, or ask other users for support.

Yes, all three of those are checked. Only some of the search results do not have the date, not all.

Gary, what is the point of posting the issue here. I posted it 21 days ago. Nobody from emclient seems to care that their software is not working as advertised.

The software is still broken. Does the developer really bother to check this board?

Time to move on to Mozilla Thunderbird…