No copy/paste in embeded review form


purchased some coffee , was sent an email requesting review but i cannot use copy/paste in the email view. i am on a mac using Paste 4.3.0 app. it says option paste to emclient so sees the app and will “try to send” but when i am in emClient 9.2.2258 (7080479) the copy/paste options are grey out in the right click menu.

Probably you haven’t selected anything to copy. First select the text you want to copy, then use the copy option.

Or if you want to copy the message to another folder, use the Copy to Folder option.

sorry your right i forgot to add that…
i can type in and the copy changes colour but cmd+C does nothing and selecting from a text doc , going back into the form will not let me paste , cmd+C or selecting that copy option does not do anything

You can’t paste into a message you have received. It is not editable.

You want to open the review page in your web browser and give your comments there.