no content in body of some email transfers

I receive several email transfers regularly. Some arrive with the message line in tact but nothing in the body of the mail which means I cannot accept & deposit. Strangely I can see the full email & deposit if I check my Ipad. Out of around 150 transfers this has happened about 15 or more times. I have to get the sender to resend. Is there an eMclient solution?

What happens if you copy the blank message to a local folder? Are you able to see the body then?

No still cannot see any content.

When you right-click on the email and choose View Mail Source, can you see the html that makes up the message body?

Yes I can see what was intended to be in the body.

If you double-click on the message and open it in a new window, is the body still blank?

It always comes up blank.

Seems that for some reason eM Client is not able to display the html, but why is it in only 10% of the emails? Are these coming from a different sender, or from a different email client to the ones that are visible?

I suggest if you have a Pro License, that you open a ticket for this. They will be able to analyse the source and see what’s up.

Just trying out eM Client for the first time…and it’s behaving the same for me.  Except it’s *all* e-mails that have no bodies.  To/from/date/subject line appear fine, but the content is just empty, whether I view it in the preview pane or double-click to open in a separate window.  if I view the message source, it’s there.  I guess it’s back to Outlook… :confused:

Can you right-click on the folder and choose Properties > Repair. See if that makes a difference.

Considering this was a fresh install, I wouldn’t expect this to already need repairing…but I went ahead and did so.  After that, some - but not all - of the messages bodies appeared.  So I repaired a second time. Then more of them worked.

Unrelated, after scrolling farther through the message list after doing the repair, I also noticed that it’s showing some e-mails twice when they actually only exist once (i.e. I’ve confirmed without question (both via webmail & Outlook) that these e-mails do not occur multiple times.

Seems pretty shockingly unreliable/buggy…

I would think that there is some problem with the message cache, or that the account has simply not completed its download or repair.

You could remove the account from eM Client, then add it again. That will do a more thorough job of flushing it than the repair option does.

Removed & re-added. Every e-mail now has a body, & every e-mail appears twice.

eM Client has a handy utility to remove these: the Deduplicator. You will find it in Menu > Tools > Deduplicator.

…But why is this even necessary? All other clients properly show one email once - I have both Outlook & Thunderbird connected to the same IMAP account, & in both cases, one e-mail = one item in the client.  Only em is acting buggy.

I think that something must have gone wrong originally when you connected eM Client to that account, and this is the result. It may have been a database or server error. You did not say who the provider is, but it might also be some minor incompatibility with that particular server. It is not usually that way as you probably discovered by reading this forum as there are only a few instances mentioned.

An even more thorough solution would have been to delete the database and start again, in which case it might have been just fine.

I just completely uninstalled the software, deleted its folders from AppData/Local & Roaming, reinstalled it, recreated the account.  Still each email is duplicated.  Using it w/ ProtonMail Bridge.

In any case, I think I’ve put in about as much time as I can for the moment.  Gonna just go back to Outlook, which has never behaved buggy like this for me on any provider.

Thanks for the tries tho~

You could have mentioned before that you were using ProtonMail Bridge and not an online mail server.

Anyway, if MS Outlook works for you . . .

Didn’t seem relevant - ProtonMail bridge presents itself like any IMap server, so why would the distinction of being an “online” imap server vs an imap server that happens to run locally cause only this client to break…?

When you said that you confirmed without question that there were no duplicates by using the web interface, I automatically assumed you were connecting to an online server. I did not know that ProtonMail Bridge now has a web interface for the desktop application, so I did not consider the possibility that was what you were using. Sorry about that.

Anyway, it is relevant because that application has a history of problems with eM Client. I also thought that it should work the same, but it seems that it doesn’t.

Fortunately Nick N recently gave a step by step to get eM Client working with ProtonMail Bridge, so that may be of some help if you would like to spend a little more time. You can find it at