No connection to Gmail

since yesterday, em-Client only shows a red tiangle next to my inbox telling me, that there is no connection to gmail. I did not change any settings and windows mail is running fine on the same PC.


Any idea what is wrong here?


As a test, can you completely disable any anti-virus, firewall, proxy or VPN, then try again.
Sometimes even restarting your router may resolve this.

Ok, strange thing is, that there are email coming through in my inbox. What is not working: When I delete these mails from another device (iphone), em-client does not display these changes. Mails stay in my inbox there.
Only antivirus running is Microsoft Defender. I turned that off, with no success. I also turned off Windows firewall, but that didn’t change anything, either.
A restart of my Fritzbox had no effect.

Another observation: When I delete a mail in em-client, that is correctly done.

The changes not being seen from other devices is a know bug for some users. That has been fixed for the next release.

New version did not help.
It’s really strange, that these problems happen over night with no changes from my side.
And that em-Clint is not completly offline. He is receiving mails, but does not download the content of some mails, while he downloads the content of others.
And he is getting the complete folders from gmail, and I was able to send a testmail to myself and delete that with no problems. But I still get the red warning sign.

I am suddenly having a similar issue starting today. All of my email accounts have been working perfectly. Today however, I noticed getting 2 separate emails for some: 1 addressed to my protonmail and 1 to my gmail account, where I have mail forwarded to my protonmail accounts. But I figured, no problem. I will just change email addresses on each site and soon get rid of the gmail accounts. I started working on that long list and next thing I knew an email from Kroger’s came in but would not load (I have not changed this email yet). All of my accounts now have the red triangle next to them and using fix seems to just keep trying but never completing. If i switch to another account in settings and try diagnose, it comes back with server not responding, but I am still getting emails in the web browser of my accounts. I am wondering if this is somehow related to the gmail account (which I never set up in em client).

UPDATE: I rebooted and reopened em Client and voila…all accounts working now. Still gonna get rid of those gmail accounts so as not to get duplicates which might be related to the forwarding from gmail to protonmail.

I just installed the new version. All my Gmail accounts cannot be logged into.

I also installed the new version and my gmail accounts cannot be logged into or connect from eMclient to the gmail server. All settings are correct and were correct when this failure happened… no changes were made on my computer or my gmail accounts. There are several similar accounts of this in the thread, is there really nobody that actually knows what has happened and have a proper straight forward fix for it? It’s been ages now and so frustrating trying to deal with emails on a phone… help?