No connection on other wifi networks.

I cant send mail, it never gets past connecting… It always does this when i am on any network other than my home office network. Any fixes?
'16:02:43 “A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond” ’

This is not an EM Client issue, this is a network issue.
Who is your ISP and who is your email account with?

If your email works within your home network, but not outside, you have either:

a) An ISP provided email account that only works within their network
b) Settings within your PC network settings that are not working when you go outside of it.

You may also have the proxy server turned on in Internet Explorer.

Hi Dave,
Thanks for the info. Its Orange for France telecom. The email is a business account.
My security type on this new network is WPA2- PERSONAL and the encryption type is AES.
I have looked through my firewall and anti virus options, eMclient is enabled through the firewall.
I use Chrome, & i cant find an option for Proxy?


The email account, is it provided by Orange?

Have a look here for Chrome and proxy settings:…

Can you get onto the internet outside of your home network?

sorry, the provider/email server is so and

Internet works fine, only sending email is a problem. I have also recently changed from outlook to emclient if that would be anything to do with the problem. i had not ventured out of my home network since the change.

email is [email protected] (

So was the problem occuring with Outlook as well?

Thanks for the Chrome link, didnt help but useful to know ! :slight_smile: It is happening in outlook now in this new network yes. Im trying to find an FQDN for iomartmail which may help. This is truly a frustrating issue!!

Alas, not en EM Client issue.