No Calendars or Contacts to see using fruux


I’m using the actual Version of eM Client and to sync calendars and contacts. Now I only see local folders (empty), but there are no sync-Errors and the Website of fruux told me that emClient has synced a few seconds ago when I sync manually in the eM Client.

Any hints for me?


Bump, I cannot see fruux calendar after entering details and syncing. Does it work? Followed some guides but the info seems really vague. Can’t work out what to do next.

Whenever my problem appears, I re-install eM Client and ad my frrux-data, it works however for a few months. Only do delete the fruux-data and add them again doesn’t work. 
System: Win10edu64, eMClient actual version

That’s a workaround, not a solution. Can any staff replicate the issue? I didn’t select contacts, only calendar. This should work.