No Calendar Search?

I can’t find a way to search the calendar since I downloaded the new version.Is it no longer possible?

The calendar search is now under the “Adgenda” window. Unfortunately the search function no longer searches the summery field properly. It produces results only when searching the first character in the summery field followed by whatever the next character is. If you input “hello world” in the summery section, searching for “world” will not produce results. This is a major problem for one of my clients and I hope it is fixed soon.

I got some input on this thread,but nothing concrete.I got the impression that the developers think the new search feature works well.…

Posted on it. Thank you.

Hello, problem with searching in “starts with” mode instead of search for any word in calendar and contact views for some fields is now internally fixed and will be pushed with the next update. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Is there still no calendar search? I need to produce a list of appointments I’ve had with two clients over the last 3 years. How do I do it? This is nuts.

the calendar search is already implemented in the Agenda view.

How does it work? When I enter a name in the search box it only turns up one of what I know are many appointments we had. I need to find all of the past appointments.


I started another thread on the search function.After the last fix(a year ago),the search option quit working after the latest update(around 4/25/12). Now it just turns up a blank page when searching the calendar or email.It seems like every time the software is updated,some function is lost.I lost the ability to right click and block unwanted senders a few updates ago.I was going to download an earlier version of eMclient,but I don’t think that will fix anything.I’m sure my data was lost during the last update,and I don’t have any idea how to fix it.

I replied you here:…

Yes, search via Agenda is fully functional.