No backgrpound images appear in any email messages

I installed emClient a couple of days ago after a problem with Outlook 365 (since resolved).  i am very pleased with this program, especially as it automatically lets me view my Gmail contacts and calendar in the program.  For the first couple of days everything was just fine until a couple of hours ago when none of the background images on advertisements and other company type images appear.  Now all I get is long strings of text or links to a company website too look at a product.  I have the button clicked in set-up to show all images.  I have the program installed on two computers.  The one I use most has the problem and the other appears just fine.
Any ideas???

Go to Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Read and ensure that Read all messages in plain text is not selected.

That did it.  Do not know how that might have been selected.  Thank you very much.