No archive button?

I can’t seem to archive my emails. There’s no option to archive them anywhere. Both of my accounts of Google accounts and If I use any other client, the archive button is there.

I’m running the version 7 beta (as I have a Surface and it works better with the high DPI), but I had the same issue with version 6.

Hello Chris,
right-click the top toolbar and click Customize.
Add the ‘Move to archive button’ to your toolbar.
Now it should appear when you’re in your gmail account.


Thanks. This works for each inbox, however in Smart Folders > Inbox the button disappears again.

Yes that’s the problem with this button and the archiving in general. As Olivia already told us, this button only works with GMail.

Other providers don’t offer this (may be) nor does the built-in archiving feature use this button to trigger the archiving process manually.

Both of my accounts are Gmail accounts so it should work with both.

Yes, this should work indeed but unfortunately not for my ten accounts using IMAP and some local folders that should also be archived.

Nothing happens when I right-click and I can’t find a Customize Toolbar option anywhere.  I don’t want to automatically archive messages, but instead want to choose one-at-a-time to archive.  Is this possible?

A special folder (\Archive) is defined by IETF ( When a mail server is set up properly a client should automatically recognise it - Thunderbird does, eMC does not.

This is what our server answers when eMC asks:

09:12:14.411|034|   * LIST (\HasChildren) “.” INBOX.Kunden
09:12:14.411|034|   * LIST (\HasChildren) “.” INBOX.Support
09:12:14.411|034|   * LIST (\HasNoChildren \Sent) “.” INBOX.Gesendet
09:12:14.411|034|   * LIST (\HasNoChildren) “.” INBOX.Privat
09:12:14.411|034|   * LIST (\HasNoChildren) “.” INBOX.Firma
09:12:14.412|034|   * LIST (\HasNoChildren \Junk) “.” INBOX.Spam
09:12:14.412|034|   * LIST (\HasNoChildren \Drafts) “.” INBOX.Entw&APw-rfe
09:12:14.412|034|   * LIST (\HasNoChildren) “.” INBOX.Interessenten
09:12:14.412|034|   * LIST (\HasChildren) “.” INBOX.Bestellungen
09:12:14.412|034|   * LIST (\HasChildren \Trash) “.” INBOX.Papierkorb
09:12:14.412|034|   * LIST (\HasNoChildren \Archive ) “.” INBOX.Archiv

The last line tells a client that INBOX.Archiv is for special use as archive.

Nice find @IETF :slight_smile:

There should at least be an option to set your own archive folder on IMAP.
Or the possibility to make custom buttons to move emails to a custom folder, just like the button ‘move to junk’, that’s all an archive button should do, right?

I do not use Gmail. And now? Thats the only reason why I do not buy eM Client. Something similar to Thunderbirds archive function is a must have for me.