No answer in Ticket: #113346 - blank email


I opened it on 20 August 2020 10:50 and I didn’t receive a reply.

Support is usually very attentive and quick. This time, I didn’t even get “We’re checking this out”

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Respond to the ticket or open another one?

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I asked in the same ticket to have a reply.

The last resort will be to open a new ticket :sleepy:

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Of course there is also the complexity of the ticket.
You can also lay out the contents of the ticket here and perhaps one of the volunteers can be of some assistance.

Sure … I receive one specific email per week and it always Blank. If I open the same email using a Browser or Outlook , then I can see it.

To see if it a problem in my Theme, I opened the exported email in and it worked.

I am using the last version of em client in Windows 10

Thank you

I have seen a number of users on here experiencing very similar issues with blank email. I have never experienced it BUT I do have issues with the DARK THEME in that the reply text is displayed in a dark color thus making the text impossible to read. I have to highlight the text and it turns white making it easy to read. If I change the theme it displays properly. Are you using the DARK Theme? Have you tried other eMC themes?

I’m waiting for some sort of Dark Theme ‘fix’… as the Dark Theme is important to me…

I tested with all Themes … all show blank email :sleepy:

When you sent the support ticket did you attach the culprit email in EML format?

Yes, I included eml, the blank screen, em client version, Operational system, the test with all themes … and also the site to test the eml to see the right apperance

Well I guess you have done all you can do and it is now up to eM Client support to act on it… reply again to your open ticket and/or open another one… but I have had to wait a month to get a reply at times… not optimal but it is what it is… just so much you can do!

Best of luck!

Hello Decio_Racy,
We’re sorry that you didn’t receive a reply for your ticket as soon as you expected but unfortunately, our Support team is a bit overwhelmed by a surge of recent support tickets. I believe that my colleagues will reply asap. If the matter is urgent, rather increase the “status/urgency” of the ticket that opening a new ticket.

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