Nice client, but waaaaaaaaaaaay too many error messages.

Would have loved to purchase the Pro version because of all the good things about eM, but the stupid, erroneous many-times-daily messages regarding some non-existent “failure to connect” make using eM annoying as hell. This is not a new problem; I see it on your forums and with any cursory Google search - why don’t you ever do something about it? Are you attempting to get folks to spend money by providing an inferior free product?

Just an eM Client Pro 6 user here.  Not sure your assessment is fair here.  More likely you are simply frustrated with this “failure to connect” issue you keep having, which is completely understandable.

A Pro license does give you access to VIP Support where your issue can be handled more directly.

Too, sometimes the issue is not with eM Client at all when it comes to “failure to connect” problems.  Blaming them can be like attacking the messenger for reporting the problem.  A “failure to connect” may not be that eM Client would not connect if it could, but that it’s attempt has failed due to the server the email needs to be retrieved from.  The server in question may be having internal problems or the port settings setup in eM Client might not be the correct ones for a connection with that server.

At any rate, if you go to Tools within eM Client 6 (7 might be the same - not sure) and slide down to Accounts, you can select the account you are having trouble with and then click the Diagnostics tab.  You can, of course, click the Diagnose button to check if the settings work okay, but since they appear not to be doing that, you might want to click the boxes at the bottom of that window, the SMTP and POP3 boxes, so that log files can be created.  If you offer those to eM Client staff here, they might be able to help figure out what is going on, and who is to blame. 

I have to agree with this post, I get this “error” message all the time and find it equally annoying.

It will be important to determine the account it affects, what version of eM Client is being used, what the settings are for that account and what error message one receives, all specifically, before help can be offered by the staff here.  

Just to say an annoying error message does not offer enough information.  Not trying to be unkind, just stating facts, which can make it seem that way sometimes.

See below, and congrats on your Pro status, this situation has removed any desire I have to consider the same. And just because I state my frustration with a defect (if it’s not a defect it’s one hell of a stupid feature, I must say) that many others have pointed out, it doesn’t mean I’m being unfair. Doesn’t eM want to earn my business? Or do they just want me to say nice things? And no, I’m not really interested in Diagnostics, I just want simple email - too much to ask? Log files, please…

Yeah, well if I were interested in dealing with this a bit more I might agree with you, but really I just wanna look at my freaking email. No other email client I’ve ever used has done this. And seriously, more info? This is one of the more well-documented issues on the forum as far as I can tell. How much information is needed until a real fix is substituted for a jinky workaround? Here are the details; I get an error message every time my internet connection passes the slightest fart, and the messages are not useful - they are however, quite annoying. And you stated no facts whatsoever in your reply, btw, just an opinion. I did mention that it is the “no connection” message in my original post, are you not familiar with this condition yet?

Sounds like an ISP problem then, doesn’t it?

If I was the only person with the problem, AND if it happened on every other application that was internet-dependent, maybe. But not.

You know, if you are not interested in getting help by offering information, why bother to post? You don’t even mention what type of email account you are using. Also, I would disagree your your premise that this a “well documented issue” , I don’t believe this is not a “common problem”. Generally a few users with specific issues (like Hotmail, ports, etc.) have this problem and most have had their issues solved by providing requested info.

gmail. good for you, you are entitled to your beliefs.

And MSN - both accounts get the same annoying messages, even though running Thunderbird concurrently yields no such messages for either account. 

My gmail works flawlessly. If the errors are just an annoyance and you are able to function, you can turn off the pop-ups by going to menu/tolls/settings/general and uncheck “Show window when error occurs”. No more pop-ups.

oops tools, not tolls…

A helpful suggestion, and no admonishments for not playing nice and daring to point out a common (yes, common) problem! Thank you!

You are welcome.  I did have to bite my tongue though…

My gripes have been purely aesthetic, though I will say that it felt like a huge weight has been lifted after reverting back to v6 on my end. Can’t speak for the features per say as I rarely do much beyond sending basic emails etc. Though the workflow and interface continued to feel uncomfortable even after several days of use.  

That said, perhaps the new version will come with an option to revert the layout to v6 so that users such as myself could get the best of both worlds?

Same here! I won’t pay pro license to ask how to get rid of annoying popup message! When I diagnose the connection is all fine! Just give us possibility to disable that popups and loge them into the debug/log files! I don’t need it on my screen multiple times per day, especially after waking up my OS from sleep mode!!! frustrated:/

WOW Thanks! you have save my nerves !